You will look good and you will feel good.  These are by products of functional training at high intensities.  In CrossFit, Form follows Function.

You will receive instruction on how to squat, deadlift and power clean.  That may sound scary or complicated if you’re not familiar with the movements.   The fact is, we perform these movements  everyday.  Sit down then get up; that’s a squat.  Lift heavy things off the ground = deadlift.  Move an object from ground to shoulder level, ie.  groceries, children = power clean.

We train the body as a whole; we blur weight training and “cardio” into one workout because nature makes no distinction in everyday life.  This type of training produces outstanding results in less time.

You’ll never get bored.  Our workouts are very rarely the same.  We run, lift, jump, punch, throw, squat, push, and pull in every imaginable combination.

* In part, courtesy of CrossFit Inc.*


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