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  The Strength Side has evolved over the last couple of years to fit the needs of the members of our gym.  Used to be, you’d show up, do the class and go home.  Unless you were a trainer, then you might do some extra stuff on your own because you had a key.

Now we have competitive CrossFitters, Powerlifters, and Olympic Lifters who all utilize this space.  You don’t have to be competitive to use this space though.  The Strength Side was developed for those who want to do extra work.  I am a big believer in charting your own path when it comes to your fitness because one size doesn’t fit all.  Our programming at Utility is true CrossFit, constantly varied, functional movement at high intensity.  It works and for most athletes, that’s all you’ll ever want or need.  Some athletes want more barbell work and a place to do more strength training.  Many people were paying for 2 gym memberships (some still do) to get this extra work accomplished.  My hope is this will eliminate the need for 2 gym memberships.

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Strength Side:

Q: How much does it cost?

A: CrossFit + Strength is $150/month.  Strength Side by itself is $70/month

Q: Can I use the Strength Side after or before a regular class?

A: No. Unless you pay for it, in which case, then yes you can use it.

Q: Can I use the Strength Side during Open Gym hours?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there programming for the Strength Side?

A: No.  You are on your own. (We can point you in the right direction though.)

Q: How much does it cost if I just want to do the Strength Side, meaning – no CrossFit?

A:  $70/month

Q: If I pay for the Strength Side can I use the rest of the gym when there are no CrossFit classes going on?

A: Yes.

Q: If I pay for the Strength Side can I use the rest of the gym while classes are going on?

A: No.

Q: Can I play my music when I’m there by myself?

A: Yes.  When classes are going on the trainer has control of the tunes.

Q: How do I get signed up?

A: Contact Doug 330-990-3942

We usually have 4 yoga classes a month.  They are on Sundays from 11am till noon.  During these times the only activity that takes place is yoga.  Please refer to the monthly schedule.


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