A. thruster every 1:30 x 7
2 thrusters building in weight – off the floor

B. Marco
3 rounds
21 pull-ups
15 HSPU (scale to push-ups)
9 thruster (135/95) – heavy

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Stoic – a person who can endure pain or hardship with out showing their feelings or complaining.

This is a personality trait that I greatly admire. I’ve known Vina for almost 10 years. She is quiet and a hard worker. I greet her with a hello and always get a smile back and a friendly response. I don’t know that Vina has endured hardship because she’s never said a word about it. I do know she has endured some pain and suffering at the gym because I’ve watched her work her butt off through many of these workouts over the years. Vina you are a stud(et), don’t change a thing.

A. hang snatch – work to a heavy single 15 minutes

B. 20 one arm DB snatch

20 OH walking lunge steps

20 box jumps

AMRAP 12 minutes

Notes: there is no RX weight, use a weight that is challenging but you can keep moving. Same DB throughout.

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Teams of 4

2 people working at a time

120 Double Unders

Then: 6 rounds

28 Clean & Jerk (185/115)

69 Bar Facing Burpees


400m run together

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A. Warm up movements – focus on muscle-ups

B. No Rest for the Unbroken

6 rounds for time

400m Run

20 Unbroken Wall Balls (30/20)

4-7 Unbroken Bar Muscle Ups

notes: scale muscle-ups to pull-ups, scale med ball weight, then scale to NOT unbroken

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Mike P.

A. Dips 5 x 3 – add weight to ensure 5 is a working set.

B. 4 rounds for time

Row 500m

rest 3:00

Score = total time of all 4 rows

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A. Tabata KBS (35/20)

Rest 4:00

Tabata Burpee

B. Partner WOD

Devil is in the Dumbells

100 Devil Press (40/30) – 1 person working at a time

  • Each time you switch 5 DB Thrusters each
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A. Behind the Neck Jerk – heavy single

B. Low Carb DT + Rope

Descending Rounds – lighter weight (95/65)

12-9-6 – 1 rope climb

10-7-4 – 1 rope climb

8-5-3 – 2 rope climbs

6-4-2 – 2 rope climbs

4-3-1 – 3 rope climbs

Deadlift, Hang Clean, Shoulder to Overhead

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