A. 6 strict pullups

8 alternating D Ball to shoulder

10 pistols

-perform 1 round every 4 minutes for 3 sets (this should be at a jogging pace)

B. Cindy


5 pullups

10 pushups

15 squats


A. 800m farmers carry – athlete’s choice on weight, pick something you can do in 200m increments

B. Sticky

4 Rounds

15 Single arm alternating DB snatch (35/50)

200m run

15 single arm shoulder to overhead

-rest 1 minute between rounds-


CFG Last Chance Qualifier Workout 4 (Sorta)

2 Rounds for Time:

50 burpee box overs

100 double unders

75 wall balls

*20 minute time cap


A. Split Jerk 3-3-2-2-1-1

B. Lightning Lemonade


5 power cleans (135/185)

7 toes to bar

9 calorie bike

C. 400m cool down walk as a class

James AKA City

A. tabata: situps, HS Hold, russian KBS (weight is up to athlete) – complete all rds of one movement before going to next

B. 800m run block week 5

400m x 1, rest 1:00

600m x 2, rest 1:00 between efforts

C. banded hamstring stretch 1 min/side, couch stretch 1 min/side


A. Squat clean thruster, 2 reps every :90 x 3 sets into 1 rep every :90 by 3 sets

B. 220713


chest to bar

DB thrusters (35s/50s)

C. lacrosse ball to shoulders

Melissa, Katie, and Brady

A. Pick a partner and warmup movements

B. “Be Kind Rewind”

With a partner

12 alternating rounds (6 each) for time:

200m run

6 burpees to target (6”)

9 box jumps (24/20”)

12 KBS (50/35#)

C. LAX ball to hamstrings (sitting on box)

A. Front Rack Mobility

Foam roll lats 1-2 min per side

Banded tricep/lat stretch 1-2 min per side

B. 2022 CF Semifinal Complex

3 cleans + 2 front squats + 1 shoulder to overhead

20 minutes to find max

C. “Elizabeth”


Cleans (power or squat)

Ring Dips