Partner workout
20 rounds- alternating 1 work while 1 rest. (10 rounds each)
5 devil press (40/25)
6 toes to bar or v-ups

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A.) Row 1000m

rest approximately 5 minutes

Row 500m

rest approximately 3 minutes

row 250m

Score each row

Dumbbell snatches (50/35)

for time

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A.) Overhead Squat 2-2-2

B.) 2 rounds
100 double unders
25 overhead squats (65/95)
25 pull-ups
800m run (or 1000m row)

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Deadlifts (light- 75/115)
Box jumps
Hand release push-ups
*no rest between exercises *score all reps together.

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A.) 15 minutes to work up to a Heavy Cluster (squat clean thruster) -post heaviest for day

75 thrusters for time (95/65)
*every minute on the minute- 1 burpee. Adding 1 more burpee each minute. *15 minute time cap or you can no longer complete the required burpees per minute.

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A. Front squat – work to a heavy 3 rep in 15 minutes

B. Partner 24 minute AMRAP

8 DB deadlifts

12 push-ups on DB

run 400m

At 12 minutes switch to

8 goblet squats w/ KB 35/55

12 sit-ups

run 400m

Notes; one partner is always running, the other is performing the couplet. Row 500 can be subbed for run. One score of rounds plus reps at the end.

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A. 10 hip extension

20 Russian twists

:30 plank hold

AMRAP 10 at jog pace

B. Power jerk – warm up 10 minutes

C. 10 jerks 95/135

30 double unders

AMRAP 8 minutes

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