A. Accumulate 50 Hip extensions + 5 mins. In hollow hold


400m run


3 rounds of;

6 Knees to elbow-strict

3 Pull-ups – strict

Rest 1 minute

*3 rounds

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A. 15 minutes build to heavy hang power clean and push jerk


7 minute AMRAP

7 Hang power cleans & Jerks (95/65)

7 lateral burpees over bar

Rest 3 minutes

5 minute AMRAP

5 hang power clean & Jerks

5 lateral burpees over bar

Rest 2 minutes

3 minute AMRAP

3 hang power clean & Jerks

3 lateral burpees over bar

*score total reps added together from all 3 AMRAPS and part A

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A. 15 mins to build to Heavy Double thruster

B. “Fran Deconstructed”

4 ways to choose

Option 1

45 Thrusters

45 Pull-ups

Option 2

15 Thrusters

15 pull-ups

3 rounds

Option 3

9 thrusters

9 pull-ups

5 rounds

Score choice and time

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I think we all check out the white board here and there. It’s tough not to compare yourself to your peers. Don’t forget this, we are exercising…. working out. Times and weights tracking on the board is a way to motivate, but it’s not the end all be all. Come in, give it your best and know that YOU will be better for it. Your time on the whiteboard does not define you. Having your name on this board says that you show’d up to work, and you did just that. You are willing to put it out there. For the fastest and the strongest… get after it, be the top number on the board. #1 in the gym is a nice place to be. But know this, everyone is coming after you, they want your spot.

Open Gym / Yoga

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RV Red Velvet = Jason

This is a rare pic, Jason exercising while it’s light out. RV is often the first person to the gym at 5am (or earlier) getting some extra lifting before the 6am class. He is a rare breed; early riser, dedicated to health and fitness and as consistent as the sunrise.

A. Handstand push-up and double under practice (strict, deficit, etc) – 15 min

B. Partner workout – one person working at a time

200 double-unders
100 calorie row
50 clean and jerk (135/95)

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They are always watching

A. Every minute on the minute alternating x 12 min
Even 6 back squat
Odd 3 front squat
*weight should be 50-60% of back squat for both lifts

B. 4 rounds
run 600m
30 air squats

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Jason and Nate

A. Muscle up practice – transitions, drills, etc. if you have muscle ups work strict.

B. Tabata:
Med call cleans
Jumping lunges
Double unders

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