Effective 7/1/2022

One Month $124.80 here

3 months $343.20 here

6 months $624.00 here

12 months $1,185.60 here

Student Rate

One Month  $104.00 here

3 months $280.80 here


One Month $228.80 here

3 months $624 here

Drop in $12.00 here

10 class punch card $124.00 here

Payment Policy

When paying for a month of training at Utility, you are paying for the next 30 days.  That is the length of our “Contract”.

If you are on an extended leave for any reason (other than, I just didn’t make it in), we will put your membership on hold.

All memberships are due the first week of the month.  If you sign up half way through the month (or anywhere in between) your membership will be prorated to the first of the next month.

If you have a problem, question, or concern, please call 330-990-3942 or email crossfitutility@hotmail.com.

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Emily · July 11, 2016 at 7:40 am

Hello, I am taking classes close to your facility and wanted to know if you offer Drop In classes and how much they are.

Thank you

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