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A. Back Squat – work to a :05 heavy single

B. Get in the Pit

9 Rounds for time

5 Handstand push-ups

5 Pistols (alternating)

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Tri Sprint Intervals

5 Rounds (AMRAP 4 / REST 4)

20 / 30 calorie row

14 / 20 calorie bike

Max effort 10 meter shuttle sprints in remaining time

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Buckle Up

AMRAP 5 for each, 5 minute rest between

200′ walking lunge (3 lengths)

35 abmat sit ups

Max Cal Row in remaining time

Rest 5:00

100′ single DB walking lunge (1.5 lengths) (35/50)

50 abmat sit ups

Max Cal Row in remaining time

Rest 5:00

200′ Walking Lunge (3 lengths)

50 abmat sit ups

Max Calorie Row in remaining time

*Score = calories rowed

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A. 2 Clean & Jerk every :90 for 5 sets

B. CFG 11.6


3 Thrusters 65/100

3 Chest to bar pull-ups

  • Increase reps by 3 each round
  • Score = total number of reps completed
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Blurry pic of Josh Compton

Josh has won the most nominated member of the month award since it’s inception. Congratulations Josh!

Open Gym / Yoga

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Jess, Viv, and Cody

Families in the gym. Definitely some of my favorite pictures. Viv won’t remember this, but I hope she sees it someday.

She’ll say, “Nice looking squat clean mom.”

Partner workout AMRAP 24 minutes

Partner 1 runs around the building, while partner 2 is performing 10 supine ring rows then max wall ball till partner 1 gets back. Score is total wall ball.

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A. Lungester – review and warm-up 10-15 minutes.

A lungester (bar is front rack) step back lunge Left, return, step back lunge Right, return, then thruster

B. 10 Lungesters 55/75

6 toes to bar

9 lungesters

6 toes to bar

8 lungesters

6 toes to bar

all the way down to one lungester

For time

notes: there are no T2B after the last lungester

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A. 3 rounds for Quality:

20 single leg deadlift with DB

15 GHD sit-ups

B. row 500m (or run 400m)

12 muscle-ups

3 rounds

*scale for MU’s will either be bar muscle-ups OR 12 kipping pull-ups + 12 Dips (can be kipping on rings or strict on bar dip -with/or/without bands)

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