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A. Push Jerk, heavy single

B. Burn Out

14 min AMRAP

20 wall balls

25 ft. left arm overhead DB 35/50

25 ft. right arm overhead DB

Brianna and Marcel

Be the spark in someone’s darkness and find the spark in your darkness.

Member of the Month began 3 years ago, during that time we have featured members and couples/families. This month Marcel Nwizu and Brianna Kincacde were chosen as members of the month. I sent them the questionnaire and when reviewing their responses, I was inspired. The joy in their lives and each other was screaming at me in all their answers. Their positive outlook was contagious. I want us all to follow their lead and enjoy the sparks in our lives, whether the spark is with workout besties, spouses, jobs, or just the sunshine and chance at impacting the life of someone else with your actions.

Marcel who is also called Pooh, Tossy and Cel, married Brianna (Bri, BK, Bumble Bri) in October 2019. They both have degrees and biology, Doctorates in Medicine and currently in their 3rd year as emergency medicine doctors in a local Emergency Department. They started at CrossFit Utility together 1 year ago. Bri was looking for some new challenges and was bored at the traditional gym, she loves the camaraderie and being surrounded by others with similar goals. Marcel wanted to work on mobility and endurance while trying new things, he likes that CrossFit is something that holds him accountable. They can been seen at a variety of class times based on their varying schedules. Bri loves the 9 am class and Marcel said any class but 6 am is fine with him.

Marcel is a morning person who prefers the toilet paper roll on over. He would chose sweet over salty, beef over chicken, booze over dessert and his favorite color is blue. He loves Mexican food and margaritas. Bri is also a morning person and has no particular care about toilet paper rolls. She would chose chicken over beef, dessert over booze, and will always pick sweet over salty. Her favorite color is coral and she loves pizza, wings, pad thai, and curry chicken. Their preferences show how they balance each other so well.

Bri was a two time state champion high school basketball player and D1 track collegiate athlete. Marcel is a pretty good dancer and has worked as an anatomy tutor (he has a Master’s Degree in Anatomy). Together they coached a group of 8 year olds on a YMCA basketball team and lead the group to a championship.

Marcel’s favorite movements are deadlifts, handstand pushups and pull-ups. His least favorite movement is the overhead squat. He recently PR’d his deadlift at 500 lbs and completed a full Murph Hero WOD. His next goal is to improve his squat form and flexibility.

Briana’s favorite movement is the back squat and she is not a fan of burpees or farmer carries. She is working on her kipping pull-ups and handstand pushups. She recently completed her first Fran WOD and PR’d her deadlift at 295 lbs.

Marcel enjoys Ohio State Buckeyes sports and Brianna is more into Beyoncé than sports. Marcel’s dream vacation is to Australia and his hobbies include working out, traveling, spending time with family and being outdoors. His motto is “Patience is key”.

Bri shared that her favorite vacation was to Thailand. She enjoyed the beautiful scenery and amazing food. Her vacation bucket list includes Egypt, Maldives, Morocco, Bali, and hiking in Western US (Zion and Grand Canyon). Her hobbies include crafting home décor items (like tables, mirrors, etc), traveling, puzzles and eating. Her advice to others was “If you have time to whine and complain about something, then you have time to do something about it.”

Brianna and Marcel wrote a portion of each other’s bio. They had the following to say about each other:

Bri wrote about Marcel:

“Marcel loves his family and Blue Moons. He is obsessed with dogs. He eats most things but loves Mexican food. He can fall asleep at the drop of a dime but can also be the life of the party. He is very smart and humble. He’s always down for an adventure and is my favorite travel partner. He’s a very hard worker and is currently working to get his squat form as good as mine.”

Marcel wrote about Bri:

“Bri loves Beyonce and to dance (but not in public). She loves puzzles and can spend hours completing them. She loves to travel and is very adventurous. She is great at crafting and making thoughtful gifts for others. She likes to have rap lyric battles. She loves dogs, just not hairy ones. She LOVES to eat. Seriously she’s always thinking about food. She can spot me dropping a crumb on the floor a mile away. She is a very determined and hardworking person and can make anything happen once she decides she wants it.”

I hope that Bri and Marcel have been as inspiring for you as they were for me. I hope that we can all find adventure, patience, and a spark in these trying times of darkness.


A. Class 800m Indian run

B. The Snake


5 Chest to bar pull-ups

7 KB Swings (50/70)

9 SDHP with KB

Garrison and the Dougs

A. 1 clean + 2 jerks E90s x 6

B. Klepto

4 Rounds:

27 box jumps (24 all)

20 burpees

11 squat cleans (100/145)

Sarah and Kate

A. 3 supersets

12 each arm DB bent over row

12 DB floor press

12 each arm in lunge position Arnold press

B. EMOM 20

45 sec work, score total reps

Min 1: one arm alternating devil press (35/50)

Min 2: bike

Min 3: single DB box step ups

Min 4: double unders


A. Dynamic warm-up

B. Worry About Me

10 x 100m sprints (watch those hammies)

-rest 5 min-

5 x 250m row

C. Cool down walk, deep lunge

Notes: rest around 30 seconds in between the sprints. Rest around a minute in between rows. You can score or not score, up to the athlete, names on the board for everyone. If you score, fastest and slowest sprint, same with row.


Open Gym / Yoga

Image may contain: 4 people, including Brian Armstrong and Anne Calabrese Armstrong, people standing and shoes
1st Broga Class

Broga is a blend of yoga, stretching, mobility and tissue work. Usually taught by a “Bro”, but not always. Beer is optional.

A. Deadlift 1RM
*compare to 1/27/20*

B. Duke Silver
500m Row
15 Deadlift 105/155

C. Foam roll low back

Image may contain: 2 people
Bob and Naomi