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 LIZ – the Hammer

Alternating EMOM x 21
1) 12/10 bike
2) 20 wall balls
3) 12 hang KB snatch 6R/6L

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Jim – jumping the bar up

A. Back squat
1+1 – 3 sec pause first rep then normal rep 4 working sets

B. 10 min AMRAP
250m row
20 pistols (newbs scale pistols to air squats)

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Member of the Month
Melissa Stavana

We are officially experiencing our second summer here in Ohio. However, in the next couple weeks the temperatures will begin to drop and sweatshirt season will officially begin.  I enjoy the hot weather and swimming but I am pumped for sweaters, pumpkins, trick or treat, football playoff games and spiked cider.  Just in case you’re wondering; yes, I totally eat my kids candy behind their backs! I have no idea what happened to your Kit Kat bar or bag of peanut butter M&Ms?! 😊 Our October member of the Month Melissa Stavana has two small children to trick or treat with; I told her if she doesn’t eat the candy, she can share with the rest of us.

Melissa started doing CrossFit a year and half ago. She has
been at Utility for the majority of that time. 
She typically attends the 6 am class and often lifts before class at
5:15 am. She originally started CrossFit as a way to help lose weight after
having her second child. She told me that she wasn’t getting the results she
was looking for at a different gym and wanted a new challenge. Since starting
at Utility, she has lost 35 pounds.

Her favorite movements involve squatting and she loves the
technical aspects of the snatch. Her least favorite movement is thrusters. She
used to be an avid runner and has completed three half marathons. Although, she
doesn’t enjoy running now and typically only does it when the WOD requires it.

Melissa describes herself as a morning person who prefers
beef over chicken, dessert over booze and only cares that there is toilet paper
on the stand regardless of its direction. 
She has been married to her husband Matt for ten years. Together they
have two children; Madeleine (7) and Margot (2) as well as 2 cats, a dog, and a

Recently, Melissa got her first pull-up. This was monumental
to her because it was the first in her life. As a child, she remembered just
hanging on the bar during PE tests not able to pull herself up. Getting her
chin over the bar was very exciting.  She
also recently PR’d her deadlift (275), front squat (215) and back squat
(230).  Her next goal is to complete a
rope climb and learn to string multiple pull-ups together.

Melissa works from home as a clinical case manager for
Aetna/CVS. She has Master’s Degree in Social Work and is a licensed independent
social worker. She enjoys all kinds of music but Elton John is her favorite.
Her favorite color is pink and her favorite food is white cake with buttercream
icing.  Her other hobbies include family
hikes and being outdoors.  She enjoys
some alone time at coffee shops or decompressing with a good show.  Melissa’s dream vacation destination is Lake
Louise in Canada or Paris, France.

Melissa had this to say about CrossFit and our community at Utility: “ I love CrossFit because anyone can do it. So many people have the misconceptions that they need to be in great shape I order to start; but CrossFit and the great coaches here will meet you where you are at. In any class you see people of all abilities, ages, body size and type doing what they love to do at the best of their ability. Just show up and the rest will happen! Utility has changed my life for the better. I am so much more confident in myself and ability to manage stress appropriately. The friends and community that we have at CrossFit Utility make it a truly special and inclusive place.

Joey Compton

A. 3 rounds not for time
20 GHD sit-ups
10 DB bent over row (each side)

B. 5 minute AMRAP
Burpee box overs
Rest 5 min
Repeat – 5 min AMRAP burpee box overs; score lowest reps of the 2 AMRAPs (so go hard on both)

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A) thruster every 1:30 x 7
2 thrusters building in weight – off the floor

B. Hero workout Marco
3 rounds
21 pull-ups
15 HSPU (scale to push-ups)
9 thruster (135/95) – heavy

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Stoic – a person who can endure pain or hardship with out showing their feelings or complaining.

This is a personality trait that I greatly admire. I’ve known Vina for almost 10 years. She is quiet and a hard worker. I greet her with a hello and always get a smile back and a friendly response. I don’t know that Vina has endured hardship because she’s never said a word about it. I do know she has endured some pain and suffering at the gym because I’ve watched her work her butt off through many of these workouts over the years. Vina you are a stud(et), don’t change a thing.

Partner Workout

10 DB thrusters

1 down & back farmers carry (parking lot)

10 burpees

AMRAP 25 minutes

Notes: Alternating movements; I do thrusters, you do farmers carry, I do burpees, you do thusters, I do farmers…. etc. No Rx weight, come to an agreement on DB weight. Everything can be done outside

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Mike P.

The Body Builder’s Inc.

A. 8 bench press

12 ring rows

3 rounds

B. 8 deadlifts

10-20 push-ups

3 rounds

C. 30 sit-ups

40 double-unders

3 rounds

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