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Mile repeats

run 1 mile X 3

rest < 5 minutes between, score each mile

scaling: pick a distance that you can complete 3 times: 1200 (end of the road), 800m or 400m. Ideally each interval takes less than 10 minutes. Rowing and biking are options as well, don’t skip today because it’s running!

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A. Hang clean -1 power + 1 squat

*work to heavy complex 15 minutes


4 rounds for time

15 cleans (moderate weight, from the ground, power or squat)

30/24 calorie row

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QUINN (a partner workout)

21 minutes to complete 85 calorie row


7 burpees

12 squat clean thruster 135/95

16 wall ball

split row as needed everything else is alternating reps

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Eggert Family

A. Power snatch – work to a heavy single for the day – 15 minutes


run 800m

30 power snatches at 60% of “A”

run 800m

for time

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A. Candle stick practice 3 X 10

B. Deadlift 3 X 8


12 summo deadlift high pull 75/55

24 sit-ups

AMRAP 10 minutes

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