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Open Gym / Yoga


What is your WHY for working out?

There is a reason you come to the gym and I think it’s important to examine that reason. It may depend on how old you are; these are stereotypical, but probably not far off the mark:

Teens: Performance; playing sports and want to be better at their sport. Also starting to realize that lifting weights and cardio may make you more physically attractive.

20’s: Winning: crush everyday, live for the day, nothing hurts, in it to win it. Realizing if you eat and drink everything you want you better workout or you’re gaining weight like it’s your job.

30’s: Sanity: your kids are driving you ape sh!#, your job is stressing you out, you better keep exercising or you might get put in jail for assault.

40’s: Health; if you have not been taking care of your self, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol all the sudden become important.

50’s: Functionality; starting to think about retirement, whether it’s 5 or 25 years away, it’s a thought. Quality of life. You want to be around to watch your kids have kids or to enjoy a few years after your working life is done.

We have multiple members at Utility in their 70’s. They get it. They are moving. They’ve been through some stuff and they have a pretty solid quality of life.

Your WHY will change over the years, and you may have the WHY of a 20 year old while you are in your 50’s. Or the opposite, these are just stereotypes, it’s all good.

A healthy body weight and body image is always a good thing. A healthy blood pressure, resting heart rate, and blood sugar are important. Functionality is imperative, crushing it is awesome, and sanity is great. We all want these things to one degree or another.

I read an obituary the other day of a former teacher/coach/PHD, very accomplished man. He wrote, in part, “from the day we are born we should be told that we are dying; GO DO what you want to do, take nothing for granted.” To me that sounds like living. Living with purpose, vigor, and enthusiasm.

I’ll see you at the gym.

A. Power snatch 3-2-1-1-1

B. Pumpkin Spice Latte

With a Partner Complete:

10 rounds of Cindy (alternate rounds)

400m run (together)

30 snatches (split reps any way – 85/115)


A. AMRAP 8 at a warm-up pace

10 calorie bike

20 GHD sit-ups

B. Hocus Pocus

In a 4 min window:

12 devil press (25s/40s)

20 DB hop overs

Max row in remaining time

Rest 4 minutes

4 rounds

A. Squat clean – 20 min build to heavy triple

B. Caramel Corn

4 Rounds:

10 hang squat cleans (65/95)

20 ground to overhead w plate (25/45)