“Farm Fresh Legs”

For 20 minutes in groups of 3:

Partner 1: 200m DB or KB farmers carry (light)

Partner 2: Bike at easy-moderate pace

Partner 3: Row at easy-moderate pace

May be an image of Megan Emily, dog and outdoors
Member of the Month
Megan Johnson

June is bringing with it plenty of smiling faces. Sunshine, suntans, no masks and the start of summer. We are excited to be able to see all our wonderful members’ full faces. We want to honor the smile of Megan Johnson as our June Member of the Month.

Megan usually attends the 5 pm class. Like many of our members, she was introduced to CrossFit by family. Cliff and his son CJ (Megan’s boyfriend) introduced her to Utility in January of 2021. When asked why she likes CrossFit, Megan shared “I love CrossFit because of the group, I love that I am always being encouraged to keep going and not quit, it motivates me to push harder – one step at a time. CrossFit Utility makes me feel like I belong.”

Megan works as a teaching assistant at a preschool. Recently she was hired on full time, and she absolutely loves her job. Her hobbies include singing and writing music for her worship team at church, playing in softball and soccer leagues, doing color guard and freelance photography. She also enjoys shopping, cooking and having fun with hair and makeup.

Recently, Megan completed several personal records (PRs): completing a 16 inch box jump, a 135 pound deadlift, and transitioning to full burpees in her workouts. Her favorite movements are back squat and the clean & jerk. She does not like biking. Her next focus is on doing a strict pull- up; Long term she would like to complete a full workout as prescribed.

Megan doesn’t consider herself a morning person or a night owl. Her favorite band is called Skillet and she has a Great Dane dog, a bunny and a Dove as pets. Megan’s favorite color is royal blue, she prefers beef over chicken, dessert over booze, the toilet paper on over, and she is always willing to visit anywhere near an ocean. Her favorite food is Cliff’s venison steaks wrapped in bacon and her dream vacation destination is to Germany. Throughout the month, join us in smiling upon all Megan’s hard work.

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