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Katie Christopher

We have officially survived and recovered from Day Light Savings Time.  For many of us, it was a reminder that we don’t get enough sleep.  Spring is here and in typical Ohio fashion we are experiencing crazy variations in weather. The sunshine and warmer temperatures have us excited to be outside. With outdoor activities in mind, our April Member of the Month is a lover of the outdoors – Katie Christopher.

Katie started CrossFit because she wanted to get healthy again. She tried working out on her own, but was struggling to stick with it. She joined Utility about 7 months ago. She likes that all she had to do it show up and do whatever “crazy workout” is planned. She also likes that her brother Brady joined with her, helping hold her accountable.  Katie typically attends the 6:30 pm class. For her, the hardest part was walking through the door for the first time, once she did, she didn’t regret it.  Katie told us that she thinks, “all the coaches are amazing and the members are super friendly.  Sometimes it is difficult, but there’s always someone to cheer you on and help you keep pushing.  It’s more than just a place to work out.”

Katie has been married to her husband Cody for about 3 years. Together they have an amazing little boy named Alachi. They also have 3 great dogs; Chief, Copper and Todd. She has a degree in Criminal Justice and works for the Medina SPCA. She told us that she loves her job and it fits with her passion for helping animals.

Katie prefers movements involving the clean. Her least favorite is overhead squats. Like many CrossFitters, she is not a fan of running. Telling us that it doesn’t matter if its 2 miles or 100 meters, she does not like to run.  Recently, she had a clean PR of 125 lbs. and she is working on achieving pull-ups.

Her favorite food is spaghetti, favorite color is black, and she used to be a night owl but her son has forced her to learn to be a morning person. She prefers sweet over salty, chicken not beef, dessert over booze, she will put the toilet paper on under but isn’t bothered by either direction.  Her dream vacation destination is the Grand Canyon.

Katie enjoys hiking, boating, fishing and most any outdoor activity. Her favorite activity is simply hanging out with her husband and son. She loves the artist Braden Barrie (SayWeCanFly), who is an acoustic artist from Canada.

Katie, we appreciate your work ethic and your ever-present smile, keep up the strong work!

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