A. Streetparking

15 Devil Press (25/40)

30 Push up + Pull Across

60 Alternating DB Snatches

30 push-up + Pull Across

15 Devil Press

*For Time*

push-up +pull across- perform a pushup with 1 DB on the ground at your side. At the top of the push-up pull the DB with the hand farthest away and move it to the other side. That is 1 rep.

B. “Cornbread Smashup”

– Max Plank *post total time in plank without stopping or breaking at the mid-line. Can switch positions from hands, to forearms, or sides but without knees touching ground.

May be an image of 6 people, including Alexa Nolte and Bailey DiMenna, people standing and text
Alexa, Jess, Bailey and Rich – Team “Dick and Friends”

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