A. 2RM Weighted Pull up

* scale to 3 sets of max effort strict pull ups

B. Helen

3 Rounds for time

400m run

21 KBS 35/53

12 Pull Ups

Anne and Brian

I’d like to talk scaling for a minute. Scaling is the term we use for adjusting the workout to fit the needs of the athlete performing the workout.

The needs of the athlete.

As trainers, we want to see our members move well. That means moving efficiently and effectively through each workout. Each movement has it’s own points of performance, when an athletes demonstrates that they can consistently hit these points of performance we start to ratchet up intensity with weight and time components. This is the lens we are looking through when we determine the “needs of the athlete”.

As an athlete, we think, “I can do that weight”, or “I can finish under the time cap”. This is the lens the athlete is looking through.

As an athlete, I ask you to consider the following; are you performing the movements well? Are you using the appropriate weight to get you the best workout? How are you going to feel tomorrow, and the rest of the week?

Lets remember we are training. Everyone’s “why” for training may be slightly different, but it’s probably more alike than you think. We are all at the gym to get better. Stronger, faster, leaner, or just generally be healthier. If you are at the gym to win workouts on a daily basis, you are there for the wrong reason. Don’t get me wrong here, there is a competitive aspect to our program. It pushes us to give effort, go beyond perceived limitations and it’s fun.

Back to scaling: here are some good questions;

Am I hitting the points of performance? (Doing the movement correctly) Trainer will give you feedback

I think I should use this weight, what weight does the trainer think I should use? Ask.

Is this run/row too long? Is this more burpees or ________ than I can handle?Trainer will give you input.

How am I going to feel tomorrow? Will I be able to come back and train again tomorrow will I be too sore/ tired?

You and the trainer may disagree on one or more of these items, but we are all adults and we can come to an agreement (most of the time).

The bottom line is we want to get you to where you want to be, we want you to be healthy, strong and fit. Here’s how that works; mechanics + consistency then intensity. Order is important here.

See you at the gym.

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