A. Hang squat clean 2RM

B. Death in My Pocket
8 min AMRAP
6 squat cleans (85/115)
6 toes to bar

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Member of the Month

What makes a good community? I’ve reflected back on this over the last few months. Good communities are made up by good people. Good people belong to any race, ethnicity, social background, profession/job, physical stature, age or fitness level. They can be any gender, sexual orientation, married/single/or “complicated”. Good people can love kids, avoid kids or be a kid themselves. The key traits are loyalty, compassion, selflessness, humility and always returning the grocery cart to its designated area. I am incredibly thankful to be surrounded by good people in my life. Every time I step foot into the CrossFit Utility door I am exposed to good people – it is truly a blessing. I also find good people in other areas of my life. My children and family/friends are truly great people.

Everything I just wrote is 100% true but knowing that deep conversations make people uncomfortable. Although, I am usually fine continuing with conversations that make others uncomfortable, if you have ever held a conversation with me, you have probably experienced my intense use of sarcasm. In my opinion, humor compliments sincerity very nicely and this member of the month write up will be focused on sarcasm, sincerity, love, and details about my favorite good person.

July’s member of the month started with Utility in January of 2012 after being introduced to CrossFit by his wife. Their competitive nature was put into overdrive after becoming committed members, but it also gave them a new adventure together. He attends a variety of class times including the 9 am and evening classes.

His favorite food is meat and he gets infuriated when the toilet paper roll is put on under. He is definitely a night owl but can fall asleep sitting up at any moment throughout the day. He prefers salty over sweet and booze over dessert, despite being married to an amazing baker.

CrossFit movements that are body weight related are in this member’s wheelhouse, particularly handstand push-ups and pull ups. He has recently been focusing on his endurance by completing weekly MURPH workouts. He tends to not enjoy heavy barbell only workouts, especially because his wife will beat him in these style workouts. Wall balls are his kryptonite.

Our July member of the month enjoys watching the more non-traditional sports. He is a big fan of GT Moto bike races. He loves the band TOOL and has a well-rounded knowledge of music. He loves the game of hearing a song and asking about the band to his kids, who typically have no awareness of the band. His other hobbies include sleeping, cleaning the garage, driving to Lowe’s for supplies, water sports, snowboarding, and traveling. He absolutely loves history and historic related knowledge, I am convinced it’s because his short term memory is terrible. His dream vacation is to travel anywhere and everywhere, being sure to clip his toenails immediately before leaving for the airport. His lesser known skills include barefooting, a black belt in karate, scuba diver, and general handyman.

He has been involved in the fire service for 20+ years. He started as an explorer and was hired full time in 2001. He has dedicated his life to helping others. He is a firefighter and paramedic, rescue diver, SWAT team paramedic and a member of the FEMA disaster response team for Ohio. He has deployed to numerous hurricanes as a search and rescue or water rescue responder. He has trained in helicopter rescue and rope rescue. He loves his profession intensely and the passion is clear, particularly when he brags about taking an entire month of vacation time every summer.

Have you figured out who our July member of the month is?

Josh Compton

Normally we don’t choose a member that is related to a trainer, particularly to the one that does the write ups. But we made an exception this month, it was bound to happen since Jason Ross nominates Josh every month! On July 11, Josh will turn 40 YEARS OLD so it is fitting that we honor him for July. Josh and I have been together for 17 years and have two children, a dog, and a rabbit. We met at the fire station, I was working as a 911 dispatcher and I still swear he asked me out as a dare. We enjoy traveling and being outdoors on the lake. Josh builds my children and I up, he is great at overlooking the faults in those he cares about. We look forward to the next 40 years with Josh and hope they involve traveling, drinking Crown & ginger ale, and sarcasm. Josh is a good person that has made my life a lot more interesting, I hope that my love and pride has come across in this bio, please join me in wishing Josh a wonderful month long celebration, he is off work all month so you should expect to see him at the gym often. Josh Compton – STRAIGHT OUTTA HIS THIRTIES!!

xoxo “JLM” ~ Joey

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