Alternating minutes

15 burpees

15 sit-ups

for 20 minutes

Scale to 10/10 or 45 seconds of work

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport, shoes and basketball court

At a time when many of us are inconvenienced by the gym being closed it’s easy to focus on the negative. Change your mindset, flip the switch. How can you use this period of time to get better? Change your focus off the negative and find something positive. Work on your running, mobility, or maybe something completely unrelated to exercise and fitness.

This too shall pass. At the end of it, hopefully all of us go back to our normal routines and appreciate some of what we may have been taking for granted. You can get bitter or you can get better, choice is yours.

I appreciate everyone who has reached out and offered kind words, it is a testament to our community. I am glad to see many of our members posting workouts and workout meet ups, keep it going. We are going to keep the at home workouts coming, posted right here daily.

See you at the gym.

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