A. work to heavy thruster 1 rep (from rack or ground)

B. Omar (Hero)
10 thruster (95/65)
15 bar facing burpees
20 thrusters
25 bar facing burpees
30 thrusters
35 bar facing burpees

Image may contain: Eric Eggert
Eric AKA “Ugly”

Consistent– unchanging in nature, standard, effect over time.

This is the most important attribute when it comes to your fitness. Are you consistent? There are many other things that are important when it comes to the physical aspect of exercise, like; intensity, effort, volume, and loading to name a few. If we are talking about over all health and wellness; nutrition and sleep are also huge. When it comes down to the physical aspect of working out the most important variable is consistency.

Day after day. Month after month. Year after year. You could have been All American weightlifter, track star in high school, but what matters is what you are right now. Your body has one question, what have you done for me lately?

At our gym just being in the room will most certainly get your body the answer it’s looking for. I will be the first to tell you that you don’t need a gym. You can get in great shape running, squatting, doing push-ups and sit-ups and that’s a fact. No gym required. No equipment required. Unwavering commitment is.

One of the most important things that comes along with Utility is Community…. and that’s probably not what you’re looking for, but it may be something you need to stay consistent over time.

See You at the Gym,


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