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Mark Pazdernik

November marks the beginning of the Holiday season. Thanksgiving always gets the shaft. People go from Halloween to Christmas. Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, reflection, and family. We are thankful for all our members and grateful to be a part of the wonderful CrossFit community. This month we would like to honor Mark Pazdernik as member of the month.

Mark, who most of us know as Paz, started doing CrossFit about 2.5 years ago. Paz is a full time Lieutenant Firefighter/Paramedic with the City of Akron. He was introduced to CrossFit by Doug. They work together and Paz had an interest in trying CrossFit for a while. He finally got bored with his workout routine and gave CrossFit Utility a chance. He never turned back.

Paz describes himself as a morning person. He prefers chicken over beef, sweet over salty, booze over dessert, and places his toilet paper roll on under. His favorite food is fish and he prefers the color green. He would like to visit Italy. He has never hosted Thanksgiving dinner or cooked a turkey.

Paz typically attends the 9 am class. He favorite movement is cleans and his least favorite movement is thrusters. If you have seen Paz you know why he hates thrusters! He is 6 foot 4 inches and his legs make up about 5 1/2 feet of his height. Paz shared that his most frustrating movement in CrossFit has been conquering double unders. He is happy to report that mastering 50-60 unbroken double unders with consistency is his most recent PR.

Paz commutes to Utility from Granger Township, where he lives has two children. His daughter, Ann who is 14 and son, Jack who is 13.

Paz is the Akron Trot (technical rescue operations team) leader. For those of us non-firefighter people that means he coordinates the Akron Fire Department participation in the County team that responds to situations that involve rescuing people from collapse situations, searching for missing, using lots of ropes and equipment. This position allows him to hang out with my favorite person ~ Josh Compton 😘 (who also helped with this write up).

Paz also works part time as a firefighter at Reminderville.  Paz’s hobbies include parenting and sarcasm. When he has time he enjoys basketball, baseball, and belongs to a bowling league. His high score is 298. That’s nearly a perfect game!

Paz supports his local Cleveland and Ohio sports teams. He clearly needs to spend more time working on his bowling score and less time watching the Browns lose 🤣. His favorite band is Rush.

Paz had this to say about CrossFit Utility: “ CrossFit for me has broken up the monotony of boring workouts and added variety to spice things up. I enjoy doing different things that challenge me. I love the community and working out with the people I know outside the gym (like Josh 🤪), it makes a big difference. The biggest challenge for me is trying to find ways to do things while managing a back injury.” We are glad we can help Paz with functional movements to maintain strength and fitness!

We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal this month ~ Let the Stuffing begin! 🦃🍽

Joey Compton

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