A) thruster every 1:30 x 7
2 thrusters building in weight – off the floor

B. Hero workout Marco
3 rounds
21 pull-ups
15 HSPU (scale to push-ups)
9 thruster (135/95) – heavy

Image may contain: Sylvina Sommers Tatro, standing, shorts, sky, cloud, shoes, mountain and outdoor

Stoic – a person who can endure pain or hardship with out showing their feelings or complaining.

This is a personality trait that I greatly admire. I’ve known Vina for almost 10 years. She is quiet and a hard worker. I greet her with a hello and always get a smile back and a friendly response. I don’t know that Vina has endured hardship because she’s never said a word about it. I do know she has endured some pain and suffering at the gym because I’ve watched her work her butt off through many of these workouts over the years. Vina you are a stud(et), don’t change a thing.

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