CrossFit Open Workout 19.2

25 T2B
50 double-unders
15 squat cleans (weight 1)
25 toes to bar
50 double-unders
13 squat cleans (weight 2)
If completed in 8 minutes continue on to:
25 T2B
50 double-unders
11 squat cleans (weight 3)
continuing on in 4 minute blocks, the reps on the cleans drop as the weight goes up, ends at 20 minutes for everyone.
weights RX
Men 135/185/225/275/315
Women 85/115/145/175/205
Men 95/115/135/155/185
Women 55/75/95/115/135

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The Booker Family

March Members of the Month

The Open has brought feelings of community, family,
comradery and common suffering.  It has
also brought extreme soreness to our QUADS!

At CrossFit Utility we think of our members as family. We
would like to honor one of our families as March members of the month- Jeanine and Devin Booker – 7 year
members of the CrossFit Utility family. 

They met while on the University of Akron track team.  Devin was a hurdler and Jeanine was a pole
vaulter. They both usually attend the 5:30 pm class and the Saturday 9 am class
at CrossFit Utility.  Together they have
two sons- Blake (age 5) and Brycen (age 3). Devin also has an older daughter

Jeanine shared with us that she is a night owl (as long as
it’s before 11), she likes both sweet and salty, beef and chicken, and prefers
dessert over booze and the toilet paper roll on over! Her current favorite food
is beets and her favorite color is burgundy. 
Her most common nickname is mommy, mommy, MOMMY!

Devin told us that he is a morning person, prefers sweet
over salty, beef over chicken, the toilet paper roll on over and beer over
dessert.  His favorite food is Tri-color
rotini and his favorite color is blue.

Devin recently PR’d his back squat at 385 lbs for 3 reps and
his Clean and Jerk at 295 lb. His next goal is to work on Muscle-ups and lose about
15 more pounds.  His favorite movement is
the Snatch and his least favorite movement is the muscle-up.

Jeanine recently ran a 5K and had the goal of finishing
without any walking. She was very proud to accomplish that.  She wants to improve her squatting and ring muscle-ups.  Jeanine’s favorite movements are gymnastic
(body weight), cleans, and snatches.  She
is not a fan of cardio.

Jeanine works as a Newborn/Child/Family Photographer and
part time as an academic advisor.  We can
attest that her photos are amazing so if you are in need of a photographer-
shoot her a message.  Devin works as a
manufacturing engineer. 

Jeanine told us she likes CrossFit because she thinks it’s
cool to look around during a class and see a huge variety of people. Everything
from professional athletes to brand new athletes- and everyone is getting their
butt kicked! Devin also likes the variety that CrossFit offers and said that
sometimes he feels like it is an adult gym class.  We take that as a huge compliment because
everyone knows that gym is the best class in school!

Devin is a Browns fan, even during their 1-13 stretch.  Devin enjoys projects around the house and
spending time with his family.

Jeanine’s hobbies include skiing, doing anything outdoors,
traveling and napping.  She rates herself
a champion napper.  Jeanine competed on
the boys track team as a pole vaulter because they did not yet have women’s
pole vaulting.

Jeannine’s dream vacation is to Europe. Specifically, she
would like to visit Greece and Italy. 
Devin’s dream vacation is to Hawaii. 

Devin has Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Jeanine has a Masters in Sports Science and
Coaching and is a self-taught photographer. 

Jeanine had this to say about CrossFit: “Sometimes I miss
the days of being able to spend hours a day, 4-5 days a week at the gym.  I have come to terms with the fact that I am
a 3x/week (maybe 4 on a good week) gym-goer. 
I am thankful for those days, they keep me sane! But, as my kids are
getting older, I can bring them to the gym more. They can see that this is
something that we like to do, that we make time for exercise.  They are starting to discover they can do
somethings at the gym too and are having fun. 
I’m excited to see what type of athletic interests they will have.  I 100% believe the key to a long, healthy
life is to keep moving.  I’m so glad that
I found CrossFit because the constant variety keeps me interested and there is
always something I can work on.  The
people and trainers at Utility push me to keep growing and set bigger goals. I
think these are all important components to sticking to a fitness routine. 

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