Clean and jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Back squat
1 max rep set at clean & jerk weight

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Member of the Month

Erin Shanley

New Year’s Resolutions are underway and the arctic freeze isn’t stopping our members from improving their fitness. Our member of the month is a dedicated CrossFitter and braves the freezing temperatures while typically attending the 6 am class. February member of the month is Erin Shanley.

Erin started CrossFit a year ago. She was introduced to Utility by her close friend Katie Kuzyk. Katie tried to get Erin to do CrossFit for a couple years before she finally “drank the koolaid”. You might see her scores on the whiteboard as Frankfurt (aka hot dog).

Erin is a hair stylist. She enjoys hiking, gardening, baking, snowboarding, and sleeping. Her favorite food is pizza, she prefers salty over sweet, beef over chicken, and likes both booze and dessert. Her favorite colors are black and pink.

Erin’s favorite movements are the clean & jerk and yoga stretching. Her least favorite movements are push-ups, pull-ups and running. She recently PR’d her Deadlift at 200 lbs. Her next goals include working to improve her movements, better her snatch and get double-unders.

Erin has a three-legged dog named Daisy and dog sits for a deaf dog named Darla. She loves that Utility sometimes has furry friends visit classes.

She describes herself as neither a morning person nor a night owl. She doesn’t care the direction of the toilet paper as long as its good quality paper.

Her dream vacation destination is hiking anywhere out west. She wants to see redwood trees, The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, The Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, and Devils Tower. She also wants to visit Ireland .

Erin shared with us that she did baton for 15 years, preformed in recitals, competitions, & was a majorette in her high school marching band. She then taught lessons for 7 years. this is her first year off, she’s missing teaching but enjoys the extra free time.

Erin had this to say about CrossFit Utility: “CrossFit has changed my life. It has helped me feel more confident not only at the gym, but in my personal and work life. Everyone is so helpful and nice. All the trainers are encouraging and make class fun or positive in some way or another. They just want you to be there & get the most of your work out whichever level or skill you are on for the day. It is helpful at the beginning of each class going over the proper movements & even being corrected or reassured you are doing the workouts correctly. One thing I noticed quickly when I started, is there are no mirrors or judgmental feelings. Walking into a gym sometimes you get the vibe of people checking themselves out or being full of themselves. I never get that feeling. This is more than a gym, the people are awesome! I am looking forward to another great year at CrossFit Utility, making more friends & becoming stronger!”

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