Strongman ; stones, yoke, sled, farmers handles
Flashback to June 25, 2001 Main site WOD
3 rounds
2 minutes of max reps at each station
Air Bike
Dips (bar or ring)

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These T shirts will be for sale at the gym to support Cliff and his trip to Madison Wisconsin for The CrossFit Games.

I watched a TED Talk the other day about predicting success for kids, more specifically, one quality that predicts success more than any other. TED Talks are short by design, so the speaker did not define exactly what “success” was, but I inferred from her talk that it meant that certain kids finished at the top of their class, and went on to do well at the next step, what ever that may be.


Grit was the quality that was the biggest predictor of success. Grit defined as used in her talk; courage and resolve, strength of character.

Synonyms – these are my favorite; strength of will, backbone, fortitude, toughness, hardiness, tenacity, determination, perseverance to name a few.

I see our members in the gym displaying this everyday.  You don’t do CrossFit and not have GRIT.  Our members show up with a goal in mind; get stronger, loose weight, be the baddest M fer on the planet, what ever it is, I see you working towards it, and it’s AWESOME!

Incidentally, when I looked up grit, there was a picture of a little chisel monkey that looked a lot like Cliff…. imagine that.

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