Partner Workout

20 minutes of continuous rowing for calories

1 person on the rower the whole 20 minutes – alternating as needed, up to the pair when they want to switch. Each doing a total of 10 minutes

The other partner is performing –


7 burpees

14 KBS

21 wall balls

*score is total calories and rounds and reps

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A. 1 hang snatch + 1 full snatch

Build to heavy complex


AMRAP 5 minutes

7 snatches (95/65)

35 double-unders

Rest 5 minutes

B. Repeat your score in part “A” for time.

*2 scores on board. Rounds and reps from A. + time from B.

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Deb, Royce and Diana

A. Bench press 5-5-5-5


As Many reps a s possible in 16 minutes


Devil press (40/25)

DB box step ups

Burpee box overs

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Partner Workout
8 rounds alternating 
15/12 calorie bike/row 
10 pull-ups 
5 power cleans

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Mobility and tissue work is programmed everyday at Utility. 10-15 minutes can go a long way in improving your performance, keeping you healthy, and generally feeling awesome.