A.10 min trainer-led mobility

B. “Boris Grishenko”



Deadlift (95/135)

Burpee Box Jump (20/24)

Toes to Bar

A. Midline work

3 rounds, not for time:

15 GHD sit-ups

1:00 side plank each side

1:00 double KB front rack hold

B. “Tom Platz”


Wall Ball

Med ball bear-hug step-back lunges

Bike calories


A. 4 Supersets: Pendlay rows: 12-10-10-8

DB hammer curl: 12-10-10-8

B. “Winklevoss”

4 rounds for time:

15 Calorie row

20 Single DB Hang Clean and Jerk (35/50)

200m run

*switch arms every 5 reps on C&J


A. Pause Back Squat (:05 in bottom) Heavy single, then 90% of HS for max reps no pause

B. “Shooter McGavin”

3 rounds for time:

10 Front Squats (185/125 – heavy but unbroken)

20 alternating single leg V-ups

40 double-unders


A. Push-up Progression

EMOM 6: 25% of week 1 test

B. “Bruce Dickinson”

For time:

100 alternating DB snatch

EMOM (starting at 0:00): 5 lateral burpees over DB

Carli – 2nd Place Ohio State Weightlifting Championships