A) 3 Thruster every :90 seconds x 5 sets. From Rack.

B) Karen Block Week 4:

For Max Reps: :45 sec on, :30 sec off x 8 rounds. (10 min)

Novice/intermediate athletes’ goal should be to keep moving for entire work period. Advanced athletes should work on increasing their rep speed to complete more reps in the work window.


Filthy 50

box jumps 24/20

jumping pull-ups

KBS 35 all

walking lunge

knees to elbows

push press 45/35

hip extension

wall ball



for time

Annie is always smiling

A. Mobility- trainer led

1 minute couch stretch each side

1 minute bottom of a squat

3 rounds

B. push press 10-8-6-4-2, score


row calories

DB box step up 35/20 // 20/20


Notes: 2 DB, held in hands at the side


A Deadlift -work to a heavy triple for the day 15-20 minutes, score


8 deadlift 135/95

4 front squat

12/9 calorie bike


rest 3

4 rounds

Dad checking on his little one

A. review and practice rope climbs and bar muscle-ups 15 min.

B. At jog pace 12 minutes of

2 rope climbs

12 GHD sit-ups


1 bar muscle-up

2 burpee

2 bar muscle-up

4 burpee

3 bar muscle-up

6 burpee

continuing, adding one bar MU and double the burpee

Notes: scale for bar MU is jumping BM or double the pull-ups

Vicki and Richard

A. 3 rounds

10-15 bench dips

10-15 ring rows

20 single leg calve raises from a 45# bumper 10/10

B. 4 rounds for time

10 hang cleans 115/75

row 500m

15 ring dips


A. back squat 3-3-3 tempo 3/1/1

Notes: 3 seconds down, one second pause, fast up

B. Karen Week 3:

6 rounds:

12-24 unbroken wall balls

1:00 EASY row or bike