2022 Age Group Semifinal Event #1

For time:

500m row

30 bench presses (185/125)

1,000m row

20 bench presses

2,000m row

10 bench presses

Time Cap: 30:00

A. Odd Object Conditioning

3 rounds

100’ Sandbag or D-Ball carry (any way)

50’ single arm DB or KB farmers carry RIGHT

50’ single arm DB or KB farmers carry LEFT

Go heavy if you are feeling up for it.

B. “Mayfly”

3:00 AMRAP; 1:00 rest x 4 rounds (pick up where you left off)

3 wall walks

6 SDLHP (95/65#)

9 single DB step-ups (50/35#, 24/20”)

C. Pigeon Stretch on box – 2 min per side


A. Warm-up movements

B. “Buzz saw”


1) 12 push-ups + max box jumps

2) 15/12 cal row

3) 12 KBS (53/35) + max sit-ups

4) 11/9 cal bike

5) Rest

No score, just work. Think of this as a steady 30 minutes. “Max” implies to fill the rest of the minute with reps, not to go for a true max number of reps.

C. Bottom of squat – accumulate 3 minutes

Jess AKA Hustler

A. Power Clean + Squat Clean 1+1 OTM x 10 sets

Focus on using the same footwork for both power + squat. Record heaviest successful set.

B. “Honestly, Nevermind”

10 rounds for time:

8 Single DB Hang Power Cleans (70/50)*

8 Lateral Burpees over DB

*alternate arms each round

15 minute time cap

C. Pec stretch on wall or band – 2 min per side


A. Running Warm-up

2 rounds

Perform each exercise 1/2 length of gym

Walking knee to chest

Toe walk

Heel walk

Bunny hops


200m jog

B. New Cycle – Baseline week

800m run for time. Go Hard.

C. Strict Press 6-5-4-3-2

Record set of 2


Grab a Partner and Choose Your Fitness

Row 7k for time (split any fashion)


Run 400m X 10 you go I go, for time (5 each)


A. Power Clean 3-3-3 touch and go


2 DB power clean 50/35

2 Toes to bar

4 DB clean

4 toe to bar