A. Ab circuit – 2 rounds
20 bicycles
20 crunches
20 in and outs
20 straight legged sit-up into v-up
30 heel touches

B. Farmers Tan
4 rounds:
200m farmer carry
15 hang DB power clean
12 strict press

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A. Build to a heavy single thruster

B. Sucker punch (Comptrain)
KB swing (35/50)
Thruster (55/75)

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Barb Wakeen

Welcome back! We are excited to have completed our first week back open after the COVID 19 shelter in place shut down. It’s been great to see all the names on the board. We know that some of our members aren’t ready to come back for various reasons, we can respect that and we will be here when you’re ready. For those of you that are back, please make sure you are talking with trainers about scaling and rebuilding your capacity. Many of us have been less active during the last 6/8 weeks. Even if you have been working out, it’s likely that a barbell, high intensity or heavy movements weren’t the center of your programming. Let the trainers guide you as you enter back into CrossFit programming. This month we want to honor a long standing member of CrossFit Utility. June Member of the month is Barbara Wakeen.

Barb has been doing CrossFit for over 9 years. She is a familiar face at the 9 am class and yoga on Sunday. Barb was introduced to CrossFit but her nephew Adrian. Adrian was doing CrossFit at the University of Akron. After an initial introduction at another gym, Barb joined Utility at the original drive thru location. She is a “senior” member by multiple definitions. Not only is Barb a member of the masters group for CrossFit, she is also a senior member having trained at multiple locations and a long time friendly face as our membership/community has grown.

Barb and her husband Randy will celebrate their 24th anniversary at the end of this month. She is close with her family, including nephews Adrian, Aaron, Ben and Will. She has a step daughter and three grandchildren.

Barb has a Masters in Food and Nutrition with a minor in Business. She works as a Registered Dietitian specializing in Corrections. Through her national consulting business, Correctional Nutrition Consultants, LTD, she provides food and nutrition services to correctional facilities. Barb is the chair for ACFSA Dietitian in Corrections, an international corrections food service organization. She is a published writer for a quarterly publication – Dietitians’ Corner. She also is a recognized international writer and speaker for Food Service and Nutrition in the field of Corrections. She has also worked as an editor for 3 editions of Correctional Food Service and Nutrition Management.

Barb’s favorite color is red and her favorite food is watermelon, which explains her bringing beautiful artistic shapes out of watermelon to various events. Barb describes herself as a night owl, prefers sweet over salty, dessert over booze, and both chicken and beef. She likes her toilet paper on over. A dream vacation for Barb is to the South Pacific to go scuba diving on a live-aboard boat. Her hobbies include scuba diving, CrossFit, bicycling, hiking, and houseplant gardening. She enjoys watching CrossFit sports, America Ninja Warrior and Titan Games. She doesn’t have a favorite band but enjoys listening to classic rock and acoustic genres. Trainers will take note about these preferences for music choices for classes that Barb attends.

During her first week back, Barb had a personal record on her front squat at 135 pounds. Her current goal is to work back up her movement weights to the pre-COVID status and to increase her overhead movements to greater than 100 pounds. Her favorite CrossFit movements are deadlifts, back squats, flipping tires and rope climbs. She does not like wall balls, wall walks/HSPU (or other inverted movements) and snatches.

Barb shared with us that her exercise during childhood didn’t involve the typical youth activities. At the young age of 9, her mother became sick and many of her teen years were spent working with her father. She laid carpet and worked on other projects including roofing, siding, electrical and plumbing. During her undergraduate studies she started exercising with machines and weight lifting. Eventually she was introduced to aerobics, biking, hiking and running.

Barb had this to say about CrossFit Utility: “CrossFit Utility community is great! All we shared during the gym closing, and continue to share, is a perfect example of this. I like the challenge to lift heavier and do movements that I never thought about or knew existed. CrossFit has made me stronger than I ever would have imagined to do/lift daily things I never would have considered without a challenge or being creative (i.e. lugging 50 lb bag bird seed, 40 lb bag of water softener salt, and 5 gallon water jugs).”

Thank you Barb for being a wonderful addition to our CrossFit Utility family.

-Joey Compton

Lethal Weapon

1 round of Chief, 200m run
2 rounds of Chief, 200m run,
Continue to add 1 round
Chief =
3 power cleans (95/135)
6 push ups
9 air squats

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A. Power Snatch x3 EMOM x7


3 Rounds

10 Ground to Overhead (65/95)

200 Yard Shuttle Run (50 out & back x2).

C. Banded Shoulder Distraction

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A. warm-up – thrusters and lunges

B. 100 Alternating Jumping Lunges (5:00 cap), EMOM including 0:00, 5 thrusters (65/95).

C. 12.1

AMRAP 7 minutes


Mobility: Foam Roll Glutes

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