Spend as much time in one minute as possible in a ring plank hold
Rest 1 minute
Spend as much time as possible in an L (sit, hang, whatever)
Rest 1 minute
2 rounds

8 minute AMRAP of:
3 suicides (half-full)
2 up and back broad jumps
1 up back handstand walk OR bear crawl

Notes: All done from counter to rower wall and back
Mobility: LAX ball shoulder smash


Lift: Back squat – Work to heavy double

6 minute AMRAP of:
4 power snatches (95/65)
8 chest to bar pull-ups
16 UNBROKEN double unders
As soon as 6 minutes is up:
4 minutes max wall balls

Notes: Score each separately. Trip on the double-unders and start again.
Mobility: couch stretch/ kb gut smash


Row 2k
4 rope climbs
Run 800m
50ft plate push
Run 400m
50ft plate push
Row 1k
4 rope climbs
for time

Notes: Plate push – take a metal 25lb plate, smooth side down, push across gym (counter area to wall with rower on it).
Mobility: hamstring low back mob; with a low band, pull band as high on the leg as possible, facing away from the rack tension band straighten leg a bend at hip



Lift: 1 power snatch + 3 snatch balances x 5

30 deadlifts @185/135
10 toes to bar
20 deadlifts @225/155
15 toes to bar
10 deadlifts @275/185
20 toes to bar
for time
Mobility: bottom of a squat 3 min./ LAX ball to bottom of foot, stand on it

Jenna and Stacy

Lift: Accumulate as much weight as possible doing 7 Turkish get ups to each arm. Add up all 14 for a score.

3 rounds of:
200yd. Shuttle sprint (50 down 50 back x 2)
18 burpees
Rest exactly 90 seconds.
Score total time

Mobility: barbell quad smash


WOD: 12.4

150 wall ball
90 double-unders
30 muscle-ups
AMRAP 12 minutes

Mobility: smash and trap calves


Lift: hang snatch 1-1-1-1

6 hang power snatch 115/75
12 box jumps 24/20
15 push-ups
*5 rounds*

Mobility: LAX ball to glutes lying on ground 10 minutes

Tom has been making steady progress

Conditioning/warm-up: row 2k @ 90% effort

Lift: deadlift 3-3-3-3

Midline: 60 T2B

Notes: No scores, just names on the board. This is not the week to go for a 1rm at the end of the DL session.

Mobility: OH band distraction


WOD: The Other Total
1 clean
1 bench press
1 overhead squat
*score each and total*

Mobility: OH band distraction