Snatch review and warm-up past workout weight -15 minutes


16 minute EMOM
Minute 1 – 8 power snatches (light)
Minute 2 – 30 Double unders
*alternate each minute. 
*no score just work

Member of the Month

RJ Steinle

Most of the country chooses to honor our military on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  CrossFitters’ pride themselves on being a little bit different from the rest of the world.  We have Hero WODs to honor military members that have made the ultimate sacrifice. We often can be seen working out in extremely patriotic workout attire/gear. At CrossFit Utility we also proudly hang all the military branch flags and have multiple USA flags displayed.  For the month of May, we are honored to have Vietnam Veteran Richard John “RJ” Steinle as member of the month.

RJ was a runner for a long time and kept hearing about CrossFit. In April 2013 he joined CrossFit Akron. In November 2014, he joined CrossFit Utility.  RJ typically attends the 3:30 class. His focus is on getting in a good workout, not his score, so you will sometimes see his score as “worked” on the whiteboard- next to his nickname DURACELL. 

RJ’s favorite food is tomatoes and his favorite color is
orange.  He lives in Suffield and has
been married to his wife for 35 years. 
He has two children; a son Paul (34) and a daughter Kendall (31).  RJ shared with us that he is a night owl and
he has no preference about the direction of his toilet paper roll.  He prefers salty over sweet, beef over
chicken and booze over dessert.

RJ’s favorite CrossFit movement is rowing and his least
favorite is the overhead squat.  His
current goal is to maintain being active and improve his aerobic activities. RJ
recently had personal record for his 2K row. 

RJ is from the North Hill area in Akron.  He graduated from Hoban High School in 1962. He was a member of the US Air Force from 1966-1970 and served as a C-130 crewman in Vietnam. RJ has earned an English degree from Notre Dame and a Journalism degree from Kent State University.  He graduated from The University of Akron Law School in 1980. He worked as a Mediator and Magistrate for the Portage County Court of Common Pleas for 17 years.

Two years ago RJ retired. 
His hobbies include: kayaking, jogging, being outdoors, doing
lawn/gardening/flower work, and cross country skiing. He has been cross country
skiing for over 25 years.  His favorite
sports team to support is Notre Dame football. 

We are grateful to RJ for being a part of the CrossFit Utility family.  He can be seen laughing with members, stretching, and sporting Olympic lifting shoes.  Thank you RJ for your service to our country and our local judicial system. We look forward to working out along side you for years to come.  

50 burpee pull-ups for time (scale 10 pull-ups, 10 burpees X 5)

*Rest 5 minutes

50 Burpee Box Jump overs for time

*Rest 5 minutes

50 Bar Facing burpees for time

*10 minute cap on any of the sets of 50

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Partner Workout
2 x 400m Run
2 x 200m Run
*one partner working at a time while the other is holding a plank or as much time spent in a plank as possible while P1 is running. Each run two 400’s and two 200’s. Score total time.

2 x 500m Row
2 x 250m Row
*done the same as the runs but this time L-sit while other partner is rowing. Score total time.

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A. Clean and Jerk – heavy single for the day 15-20 minutes

Power Elizabeth
Power Clean (135/95)
Ring Dips 
for time

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30 strict pull-ups for time. 8 minute cap.

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:
7 toes to bar
14 alternating dumbbell snatches
21 mountain climbers (knee hits arm)

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15 minutes to build to a heavy pause back squat. Pause 3 seconds in the hole. The clock will be running to count the 3 seconds, partners can assist with the 3 second count.

Tabata Air Squats 
Run 1 mile for time

Tabata is 8 intervals of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds for rest. Start run at 4:00. Score lowest squat interval and mile time

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For time:
Row 2,000 (guys)/1,600 (girls) meters 
Every 2 minutes starting at 0:00: 30 double unders 
*30 second cap on jump rope

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