Run 100m
15 sit-ups
10 air squats
4 rounds, no score
Front Squat 8-6-4-2-2
Heavy DB farmers carry for 400m setting the DB down as few times as possible, score weight used and # of times set down.

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Cory AKA Flatback

A. Snatch – Maximum – 15 minutes

8 ring muscle ups (scale to dips)
12 snatch (no powers) 115/75

AMRAP 8 minutes

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A. Box Jump – max height

B. Every 2 minutes alternating with a partner for 24 minutes. 
200m run
8 KBS 70/50
Max Effort Box Jumps 24/20
* partner 1 works for 2 minutes, then rests while partner 2 works for 2 minutes.

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A. Not Today
Back Squat 20rm *retest*
* attempt > than last time.

B. 3 Rounds for Time
400m run
100 double under
20 thrusters 65/45

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Tabata with 4 minutes rest between movements
Bike (Calories)
Bar MU (scale to pull-ups)
Walking Lunge 
Hand release push ups

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A. Push Jerk 1RM – 15 minutes. 
* Focus on vertical dip drive and staying connected with the bar on the dip.

B. Unsulied 
Every 4 minutes for 16 minutes
12 burpees
10 hang power clean
8 front squat
6 push jerk
* Goal is a sprint each round w/ recovery. Barbell weight should allow each round to be unbroken.

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