Deadlift Party

1 deadlift adding 10 pounds every minute on the minute for 10 minutes

at 11 minutes start going up by 5lb increments, till you’re done, one score, you know what it is.

Start at 60%

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Open Workout 18.3

100 double unders/ single unders
20 OHS
100 jump rope
12 ring muscle-ups/ pull-ups
100 jump rope
20 DB snatches
100 jump rope
12 bar muscle-ups/ pull-ups
AMRAP 14 minutes

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Picture is worth a thousand words right?  I could write 1,000 easy on this pic, but I’ll keep it short.  This is during the workout demo and standards  on Friday night.  Knowing all these individuals, they are thinking of the work ahead.  Thinking, it’s going to get tough at some point, and they will be tested.  Were they up to it?  100%, no doubt, bring it.  (Photo Andy Harris)

Row 250 meters
Row 500 meters
Row 1,000 meters
Row 500 meters
Row 250 meters
Rest 1 minute between efforts.
Post time for each interval

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Row 250 meters
Row 500 meters
Row 1,000 meters
Row 500 meters
Row 250 meters
Rest 1 minute between efforts
Score each interval

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Cole – very impressed with this young man.  He’s working hard, listening, and definitely getting stronger.


3 Person Teams

row for 20 calories

7 box jumps

 7 chest to bar pull-ups

AMRAP 25 minutes

As soon as the first person finishes their row next person jumps on the rower.  Rower stays moving the entire workout, score total calories rowed.  Courtesy of Ben Bergeron.

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18.2 and 18.2A

in 12 minutes
DB squats 50/35
burpee over bar
for time
then 1 RM clean
for weight
score both

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Double Helen
3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
42 kettlebell swings
24 pull-ups

Andrea Ank – Annie

Member of the Month


Everyone comes to Utility with his or her own motivation. Their own goals and reasons for showing up each day ~ for some its competitive, for some its health/wellness, for some its stress relief, for all of us it should include community.  One member has recently been nominated by multiple people for her display of a positive attitude and hard work each day. Her goals are similar to the rest of us but she has overcome some serious hurdles. We applaud her determination and would like to honor Andrea Ank as March Member of the Month.

In 2013, Andrea was having weeks of intermittent SEVERE headaches.  She went to an ER, where after a CT Scan, she was promptly loaded into an ambulance and taken to University Hospital Main Campus.  On June 21st, 2013 she had emergency brain surgery to remove a brain tumor called a Ganglioglioma.  Prepped and ready for surgery in about a day, her life changed forever.  She had the incredible fortune to have a talented surgeon, Dr. Andrew Sloan.  He is the head of the Neurosurgery Department at UH.  Dr. Sloan and his team saved her life.  Recovery was incredibly difficult and took years; she had to relearn so much. She had about 9 weeks of physical and speech therapies to help her function normally. Despite her fight during recovery, Andrea was diagnosed with another “new” brain tumor called a meningioma.  It’s located in the meninges lining of her brain.   Nearly, two years ago she started a new way of life/diet called Macrobiotics (its incredibly difficult, all organic, all vegan) to heal herself.   Her new tumor stopped growing and will start to recede because of Macro eating.

Andrea started with Utility 4 months ago.  She typically attends the evening classes and you can see her name written as Annie on the whiteboard.

Annie started CrossFit as a way to help fill a 4 hour time gap in her schedule.  She lives about an hour away and her daughter started on an All Star Cheer team located in Green.  They have practice on Tuesday evenings.  Originally she intended to come once a week.  That quickly changed and she now makes the drive 3-5 days per week.

Annie and her husband Chad have been married for 16 years.  Together, they have a 15 year old daughter, Cammie.  They also have a dog and a cat.

Annie’s favorite movement is the kettlebell swing.  Her least favorite movement is calories on the Assault bike.  We promise she isn’t alone in that!!

Annie and Chad are motorcycle enthusiasts and both enjoy twisty mountain road riding.  Between the two of them, they have 6 motorcycles and a moped.  They consider it great therapy to share that passion together.

Annie is currently working towards her goal of bench-pressing 100 pounds.  She is currently at 90 pounds and we know that she will reach her goal soon! When asked about any recent personal records she responded “Everyday is a PR for me!   A goal for me is living like today is my last day, EVERYDAY!”

Annie works in commercial heavy-duty truck sales.  She has worked for R&R Truck Sales for 25 years! She sells to businesses, owner operators, and municipalities. She loves the spec’ing and engineering of complicated trucks to a specific job. Her office is filled with Mack University Training, diesel engine courses, and body outfitting class certificates.

Annie had this to say about Utility: “This is my first gym experience ever.   It couldn’t be better!   Everyone has been incredibly kind and helpful!   What I love most is how we push each other to do our best!   I am learning so much about myself and good people in general.”

Annie enjoys macrobiotic cooking, motorcycling, camping, being a cheer mom and can be found listening to Nine Inch Nails radio or Hair Bands on Pandora.

Annie is inspiring to trainers and many of our members for her hard work and amazing attitude.  The fact that she has overcome and continues to battle with brain tumors just makes her that much more impressive.  She had this advice for everyone: “DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED!  ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE AND BE THANKFUL EVERYDAY! “

** The photo is from Annie’s family vacation to South Africa in 2017, where they spent a great deal of time hiking in the mountains.