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*For time 
40 calories on bike

*For time 
40 Calories on Rower

*For time
40 Bar facing burpees

*For time
Repeat one of the above- your choice

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3 Rounds not for time
1 minute Handstand Hold (accumulate)
21 GHD sit-ups 
15 Hip extensions
*weighted ab mat sit-up scale for GHD’s, plate good mornings for hip-back

3 Rounds for time
7 strict muscle ups 
50 air squats
800m Run or 1,000m row

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Jason – RV


Strict toes to bar 
*3 max sets, can add a med ball also. Scale-Strict knee to elbows/ knee raises as high as possible 


8 Rounds every 2 minutes- 90 seconds of work + 30 seconds rest 
30 double-unders
8 Toes to bar
Max DB power cleans (40/25)

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5 Rounds
21 back squats (135/95 Rx from the floor)
1 legless rope climb
*1 scale to regular rope climb

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Tuck – putting in the work

12 min alt EMOM 
Even – 4 squat cleans 
Odd – Hand Stand balance practice

*3 rounds* 
15 squat cleans (135/95) 
15 ring dips

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Alexa AKA photo ready