* Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of* 
5 thrusters (95/65) 
7 hang cleans 
10 Summo Deadlift High Pull

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Member of the Month

Amy Hovan

HAPPY NEW YEAR! January is the month that allows us to refocus and set new goals. Our Member of the Month has accomplished some amazing things during her recovery this past year. We know that 2019 is going to be even more impressive.  January 2019 member of the month is  Amy Hovan.


Amy has been doing CrossFit for 5 years and started at Utility almost 2 years ago. She originally started at Behind the Curtain Weightlifting on the strength side. She now lifts and takes classes. She usually attends the 9 am or the 3:30 pm class.  Originally a runner, Amy became bored with running; fell out of love with it. She tried a sports performance class at work and the coach there encouraged her to try CrossFit.  She did, fell in love with it!


Amy is the Health and Fitness Manager for Cleveland Clinic Akron General LifeStyles at the Green and Stow locations. She is also an assistant swim coach for Green High School.  She has a 13 year old son (James) and a puppy (Steve) with her boyfriend Pat, who attends Midnight City CrossFit and drops in regularly at Utility.


Her favorite movement is any Olympic lift.  Her least favorite movement is handstand push-ups. Amy recently got back out on the platform at The Strongest Unicorn Weightlifting Meet 8 months post shoulder surgery. That is an amazing accomplishment! Her 2019 goals include continuing to get her shoulder stronger so she can get back to performing all movements.  Amy told us that CrossFit has been such an integral part of her therapy and recovery.  This sport allowed her to take any movement/WOD and modify it to her needs.  She added  “Whether you’re new to CrossFit, a veteran, injured or weak in a movement, there is ALWAYS something that you can do.  The best part is surrounding yourself with friends, laughs, cheers, support and great coaches!”


Amy’s favorite food is a bacon/egg cheeseburger. She prefers chicken over beef. Her favorite color is black and she is a night owl. She would choose sweet over salty. Amy thinks the toilet paper roll should be on over- never under!


Amy has her Masters in Physical Education, 2 Bachelor’s Degrees (one in PE and one in Exercise Science), she is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Ex Instructor and was previously certified as a Level 1 CrossFit trainer.


Her dream vacation destination is Australia.  Amy was a division 1 college athlete in cross country and track. She ran the Boston Marathon twice, in 2009 and 2010, although she said she only runs now when told to do so by a coach. She loves Cleveland Sports teams and the band Breaking Benjamin.



Amy had this to say about CrossFit Utility: “I am incredibly thankful for CrossFit Utility , the coaches and all the members I have had the pleasure of taking class with.  Each coach has always taken the time to modify my movements, make sure I am not pushing too hard, cut my reps and lighten my weight, all while make sure my shoulder carefully gets stronger.  I would not be this far along in my recovery if it wasn’t for this place.  It’s a FUN place to be!”

-Joey Compton

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