AMRAP 4 minutes
*rest 2 mins between AMRAPs

4 power snatches (light)
4 front squats
4 bar facing burpees
*3 rounds*
*pick up where you left off, score total rounds and reps


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Long Distance Lovsey’s – Lindsey, Xander, Bubby, and Daisy

Members of the Month

Bubby and Lindsey Lovsey

Camaraderie can take difficult tasks and make them more manageable. When you are suffering alongside friends it makes the process more enjoyable. It takes true determination and a lot of dedication to workout at home. Members of the month for November are Bubby & Lindsey Lovsey. They are commonly referred to as the Long Distance Lovsey’s. Their dedication to health and fitness is inspirational.

Bubby started CrossFit 3 years ago at Utility. He was introduced by Eric Scott and Zach Churchwell. He loved it and has never stopped. Bubby was a staple at the 6am class, everyday, rain or shine.  About a year ago he and his wife moved, so Bubby built a gym in his garage and introduced Lindsey to CrossFit. Now, they workout together at home in the evenings following Utility programming and posting their times and scores to the Facebook page. They make occasional appearances at Utility at the 6 am or weekend classes.

Bubby and Lindsey have two children- Daisy(2) and Xander(3.5), 26 chickens, 2 ducks, 1 dog, and 1 cat. Soon they plan to add cows and pigs, possibly fainting goats too! They told us they love CrossFit is because it never gets boring and you can make it as challenging as you want.

Bubby works night shift as a mechanic at Metro RTA. His hobbies include shooting guns, hunting, ax throwing, four wheeling, tinkering around on stuff in garage, working around farm, and playing with his kids.

Lindsey is a stay at home mom and works as massage therapist occasionally. She has her associates degree in massage therapy, nail and esthetician’s license. Her hobbies include making natural products, adding animals to their family farm, and ax throwing.

Their dream vacation involves a cabin in the woods. Together their goal is to keep on pushing harder each workout, and not give up. They prefer beef over chicken and like the toilet paper roll on over.

Bubby’s favorite movement is burpees. His least favorite movement is the snatch. His current goals are to get stronger and maintain his fitness so he can play with his kids as he ages. His favorite meal is a burger. He prefers salty over sweet and he likes both alcohol and dessert. Bubby’s favorite color is red.

Lindsey’s favorite movement is the bench press. Her least favorite movement are wall balls. Her current goal is toning her body while losing weight. Lindsey has lost 38.5 pounds in the last 12 weeks! Her favorite color is green. She prefers sweet over salty and would choose dessert over alcohol. Lindsey’s favorite food is steak and green beans.

Bubby had this to say about CrossFit: “when I started CrossFit, I was 276 lbs. CrossFit was very difficult in the beginning, but I stuck with it. Now with the help of everyone at Utility, and my wife, I am currently down to 200 lbs! Lindsey and I are currently and probably going to continue with the keto life style. Thank you everyone!!”


-Joey Compton

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