For time
25 burpee box overs 20/16
25 burpee box overs 24/20
25 burpee box overs 30/24
25 burpees

Image may contain: 15 people, including Cliff Musgrave, people smiling

The group of 50-54 year old competitors Cliff competed against this last week at The CrossFit Games.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

As Cliff would tell you, all these guys are good, they are all very fit and they all worked extremely hard to get to the Games.  He also said on number of occasions that it was a great group, they were a fun bunch of hard working guys.   They all came to win and Chisel came out on top.

The amount of dedication, perseverance and effort Cliff displays can not be understated.  Grit, and a lot of it.  Oh, and if they were wearing their hearts on the outside, Cliff would be the biggest guy in this picture.

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