Skill work: Bar Muscle-ups
Jumping and banded (15-20 minutes)
Summo deadlift high-pull 135/95
Chest to bar pull-ups
For time


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Member of the Month

Roger Duffy

Utility members come from many backgrounds. We have high school and college athletes, lifters, runners, bookworms, sports lovers and some who never exercised before joining. We are a diverse group. We even have a few celebrities.

Do you love football? Do you look forward to watching high school football on Friday nights? Then spend Saturday’s hosting college football parties. Then finally close out the weekend with tailgating for your favorite NFL team! Well if you love football you need to introduce yourself and talk with August Member of the Month Roger Duffy!

Roger Duffy played in the NFL for 12 years. He played for the NY Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers (we are willing to overlook his affiliation with the Steelers). Roger has been a member at Utility for 3 years. He was looking for something new and was introduced to CrossFit by his son’s track coach. He typically attends the 4:30 class.

Roger has been married to his wife Cathy for 26 years. Together they have three children; Mack (age 24), Jackie (age 22) and Abby (age 21).

Roger’s favorite movements are the back squat and the deadlift. His least favorite movements are those involving heavy weight overhead or running more then 400 meters.

He has a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications and attending Penn State University. Roger has worked the last 15 years as a Financial Adviser at Ameriprise Financial.

Cathy and Roger are both avid Penn State supporters. They both attended the University and it is how they met. They were both college athletes; playing football and softball.

Rogers current goal is to become more efficient at double-unders and pull-ups. His recent PR was using a 20lb vest to complete the Hero Workout Gunny.

Roger had this to say about Utility: “I really enjoy working out at Utility because of the blue collar mentality.” In addition to this the “trainers are all good people and well educated in different movements.”

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