1.5  Body weight Deadlift
Body weight Bench Press 
3/4 Body weight Squat Clean

For Time

*Do not use more than 70% of Max for any of the lifts


Royce, Dominic, and Todd

Member of the Month

Royce Belcher

Do you remember your first day of school in Kindergarten? Maybe you remember the last
day of high school? What about your first day of a new job, moving to a new city, do you
remember the day you walked into CrossFit Utility? Chances are that someone made an
impact on you that made that day memorable. The details about the day might be a little
blurry, but you have a vivid memory of how you felt. As we see all the posts about first/last
days or graduation; we can’t help but feel emotional. Some folks are full of enthusiasm
about the next adventure while some are terrified for the changes. Whichever side you’re on
your not alone, we all have butterflies/anxiety about the uncertainty of the future. We urge
you to take a deep breath, surround yourself with positive people and enjoy the journey.
Having a positive attitude about change is going to improve your life and the life of those
around you. Never underestimate the impact of how you make someone else feel. June
Member of the Month is a woman that has a positive impact on people in and out of the gym.
June Member of the Month is Royce Belcher.

Royce started at CrossFit Utility when we were located on 619. She couldn’t recall if it was
August 2011 or 2012. Either way it has been 5+ years that Royce has been a Utilitarian. She
attends morning, evening and weekend classes. She started CrossFit because
she didn’t see results at a typical gym.
Royce is married and has two sons. Both sons are married and together they have blessed
Royce with four angel grandchildren. We have had the pleasure of meeting her son Todd
and her grandson Dominic.

Royce’s favorite lift is the Clean. Her favorite movement is the burpee (saying that there is
no messing up that movement). She told us that she “doesn’t have a least favorite
movement, she doesn’t like things that she can’t do but it is her motivation to keep going!”
That quote describes Royce- finding a way to make the difficult or a fear into
enthusiasm to get better.

Royce works as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse (NICU nurse) and told us it is her dream
job. This is one of the many positive impacts we feel that Royce gives to the world. There is
no doubt that she provides compassion, empathy, hope and healing to all the families she
provides care.
Royce said her goal has always been the same and it will never change- “eat cleaner, sleep
more, get faster, be stronger, get better everyday and NEVER QUIT.” There is no arguing
with that logic.
Royce had this to say about CrossFit and Utility: “I don’t know if it is the sport I love so much
(even though I am stronger than I have even been in my young life) or the community, the
members and coaches/trainers are like no other gym or fitness group I know. We are in
this together to be fitter, stronger, and better.”
If you aren’t sure if you have meet Royce- next time you’re in the gym look around if you hear
a member encouraging/cheering/being happy and optimistic ….mid workout that’s Royce!
Go up and introduce yourself; trust us you will be happy you did!!


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