Every minute on the minute for 6 sets:
3 touch and go squat cleans + 3 push jerks

*increase weight each round if possible, but this will likely have a cardio lean to it

The Lyon

5 rounds for time* of:
165-lb. squat cleans, 7 reps
165-lb. shoulder-to-overheads, 7 reps
7 burpee chest-to-bar pull-ups

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

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Member of the Month  

Doug Coutts


At CrossFit Utility we feel that you are never too old to improve your health.  We are proud to have a group of members that are over 65 and still making their health a priority.  Maintaining functional/healthy joints and an active lifestyle should be goals throughout life and not reserved for the young.  The January member of the month is Doug Coutts.  Doug is dedicated, consistent and works hard.  He welcomes new people and is a wonderful member of our community.   


Doug joined the Utility family back in November 2011.  He was introduced to CrossFit by Lauren Rutan (a former Utility member) whom he knew from the YMCA.  Doug came for a visit to Utility and never looked back.  He typically attends the 9 am class. He has been spotted at the 6 am and 4 pm but it’s rare.  Doug also visits other CrossFit boxes when he travels. 


Doug is a retired School administrator. He worked many years as a high school principal.  He was also a professor at Indiana Purdue University in Fort Wayne.  

Since retiring he has done some consulting work training young school administrators to interpret standardized test scores. Currently, he helps run a soup kitchen for the homeless alongside his wife. 


Doug’s favorite movements are deadlifts, back squats, and cleans.  His least favorite movements involve shoulder to overhead lifts. He told us that this movement needs more work and he is getting there.  He also hates burpees. 


Doug has a Bachelors Degree from Ashland University, Masters and PhD from Akron University, and completed some postdoctoral work at Harvard.   


Doug will be turning 71 soon, so PR’s are happening less frequently. He recently deadlifted 305, and back squatted 245, and “got ONE bonified HSPU”! Those are what he told us are his most proud recent accomplishments.   


Doug is married to Ann. He has 2 brothers and a sister, none of them live nearby. He has 2 son’s – Ed and Nathan and a daughter – Greta. Doug enjoys 3 grand daughters, Jessica, Olivia, and Isadorah. Jess and Livi live locally and Izzy lives in California.  


Doug’s current hobbies include reading, fixing things, college football and spending time with his grandchildren.  


Doug’s long time goal was to complete one muscle up. He told us “That’s probably not happening. So my new goal is to maintain an increasing level of foot pounds per minute (work intensity) in all of the wods as long as my age permits. I track every workout.” We are still hopeful that Doug will reach his muscle up goal but we think the revised goal is a perfect additional goal.  


Doug had this to say about CrossFit: “I love the CrossFit methodology. It’s clear, measurable, science based, and fun!  To enjoy CrossFit, my key has been to 1) show up, 2) follow the Crossfit Journal, and 3) keep working even when it hurts a little. I emphasize that the members of CrossFit Utility are very inspiring to work with. Their youthful vitality, athletic drive, patience, encouragement, and compassion, are the reason this box is so incredibly fantastic. I have NEVER in my life experienced camaraderie as seen at CrossFit Utility.  It’s the greatest!” 

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