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December is officially here. Snow is coming and Christmas is only a few weeks away.  

The Christmas season is all about family and our members are family. In that spirit, our Member of the Month for December is The Bailey Family: Jessica (Jess) and Mike Bailey. Jess and Mike recently had a baby girl – Charlotte Rose on November 2nd. 


Fitness is a family affair for the Bailey’s.  Mike’s parents – Ralph and Claudia are also Utility members. Mike’s brother – Dan does CrossFit at Rogue Fitness in Columbus. Jess’s dad is an avid runner and lifts weights. Jess’s bothers are hockey players.   


Mike started CrossFit about 8 years ago. He was introduced to it by his bother while they were attending the University of Akron. They originally did CrossFit out of their garage gym. Mike recalls that CrossFit provided the intensity he was looking for with exercising and that it didn’t take long before he was “brewing the Kool Aid”. Six years ago Mike joined Utility.  


Jess has been doing CrossFit since 2009. Jess recalls her introduction to CrossFit: She told us she has been active most her life. She worked out with trainers, did Olympic lifting, spinning, kickboxing, running, water aerobics, and yoga. Then her friend told her about CrossFit and she has been hooked ever since. She started dropping in at Utility in March of 2015. She officially became a member in January of 2017, after she permanently moved to Ohio.  


Jess works as a Board Certified Polysomnographic Technologist aka she watches people sleep for a living. She also teaches yoga.  Mike works in Sales.   


Jess’s favorite movement is the Clean closely followed by Back Squatting. Her least favorite movement is muscle ups.  Mike’s favorite movements involve lifting heavy and gymnastics. His least favorite movement is the Sumo Deadlift Highpull.  


A goal Jess is working towards is to getting back into pre baby shape. Mike recently had a PR of 295lb Clean & Jerk and 360lb Back Squat.  His goal is to Snatch 255lbs and Clean & Jerk 315lbs before father time will not allow it.   


Jess told us- “I feel lucky to have had a easy pregnancy and no issues. I was able to workout right up until the day I gave I birth. Literally, my water broke while at the gym, in the middle of a workout. We are very excited for our new little family and can’t wait to see her in the gym with us one day!” 


Mike had this to say about CrossFit: “I love CrossFit because of the community. This has become far more then just exercise for me.  I have met some great friends and great people through the sport of exercise. I have been to the CrossFit Games as a spectator for the past 6 years and have watched the sport grow and evolve.  I met my wife at Regionals- we now have a daughter…so CrossFit! It has been really cool to see my parents join CrossFit Utility.  They were reluctant to join but after several conversations they realized that anyone can do this. It has nothing to do with how strong, flexible, or fast you are; just a matter of whether you want to try something new and better for yourself.” 


We are excited to have the Bailey Family as members of the Utility Family. We look forward to when Charlotte joins the CrossFit Kids classes. 

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