For Time:
50-40-30-20-10 Calorie Row
Rest half time between sets, for time
Work to a heavy double

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Member of the Month

Holly Moats

There is an old Jeff Foxworthy joke that says if you go from using your air conditioning to your furnace in the same day then you might live in Ohio.  I think that joke really hits home for us.  We went from 80 degrees and sunny with the garage doors wide open and fans running to 38 degrees with rain and doing half the WOD in a sweatshirt! So much for fall…here comes winter.

The November Member of the Month is Holly Moats.  Holly was introduced to CrossFit by her daughter Katie (also a Utilitarian).  Holly recalls her daughter dragging her kicking and screaming for her first CrossFit class at Utility.  Katie told her “you’re going, it’s good for you”. When she started Holly set a goal to attend classes twice per week.  That was about a year ago, and now she is typically coming five days a week.  Holly normally attends the 7 pm class.

Holly works in credit and billing.  When asked about her family Holly told us that she is married to her wonderful husband Dennis.  She has three smart and beautiful daughters (Katie, Genna and Ashely ).  She also has a wonderful, but horribly behaved dog named Tucker.

Her favorite movements are back squats and rowing.  Her least favorite movement is burpees.  Holly believes no one likes burpees.  We may consider taking a poll about least favorite movements but have to agree it’s probably near the top of the list.

Holly told us that her favorite place to go on vacation is Florida and she is a huge Billy Idol fan.   She recently hit a PR of 200lbs on her back squat.  Holly says that CrossFit has improved her quality of life. We are so glad to hear that.   It’s one of our biggest goals as a coaching staff to improve our members quality of life.  We want to improve their health and fitness levels, decrease their stress, and provide a support system for our members.  Holly’s next goal is to complete a Warrior Dash in July of 2018.

Besides CrossFit, Holly’s hobbies include reading, shopping and baking.  Before CrossFit she loved to shop for Kate Spade, now she loves to shop for Reebok and workout clothes.  Since starting CrossFit she has also started trying to bake healthier treats.

Holly had this to say about CrossFit “ I love how supportive everyone is – no one has ever said you can’t do that, only you can’t do that yet, but you will.  I never get to say this –THANK YOU! I know I am not the easiest person to coach but all of  you are always very patient even when I am difficult.”  We are glad that Holly feels supported but we disagree on her statement about being difficult to coach.  Holly is a wonderful member and we are happy to help her reach her goals.

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