Back squat 5-5-5 (25 minutes)
run 800m for time
bottom of a squat 10 minutes

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Hugo – deadlifting

Member of the Month

Hugo Marquez


September is officially here.  For this month we would like to focus on injury recovery.  Injuries happen and how we react to them shows our true character.  Injuries can happen with any activity.  We have occasional injuries as a result of CrossFit but more often we have members that have injured themselves at work, another sport/activity, or have a past injury/limitations.  As trainers, we try to help members by recommending scaling, time off, and encouragement (injuries can be both physically and mentally painful).  We also try to remind injured members about how to continue functional fitness and adjust their workouts.  Over the summer we had two members of our Utility Family that had significant injuries.  Neither of these injuries occurred while doing CrossFit but had an effect on their ability to workout.  Hugo Marquez and Cody Keathley both had Achilles injuries.  These young men have demonstrated dedication, perseverance and an amazing attitude during their recovery.  Within a couple days both these men were back in the gym, making adjustments to their workouts- that’s impressive and true leadership!  It was common to see them adjusting movements and getting creative with workouts while wearing a walking boot.  We would like to honor Hugo for his outstanding leadership by making him member of the month for September.


Hugo has been doing Crossfit for 5 years.  He typically attends the 5 pm class.  Hugo also is a member of the BTC (behind the curtain) weightlifting group that you have probably seen lifting/working out on the strength side at Utility.


He is married to Naomi Marquez, she’s also a Utility member.  They have a little yorkie named Frankie.


Hugo was born in Mexico City, he came to the USA when he was about 14, prior to CrossFit he played soccer, and ran two Tough Mudders. Hugo used to go to a regular gym but it wasn’t enough. He needed something more challenging.  A friend introduced him to CrossFit.  He recalled watching YouTube videos with Naomi before trying their first class.  He said they were both a bit scared to try it but looking back now glad they took that first class.  Like so many others, they were hooked after that first class.


Hugo’s favorite movement is the Clean & Jerk.  His least favorite movement is the Assault bike.  We know he isn’t alone in disliking that piece of equipment.


Hugo works in medical billing for ER doctors. He is a Lebron James fan. His hobbies include kayaking, bike riding, standup paddleboarding, and anything outdoors.

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